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  • Forecast of grain harvest in Ukraine for 2024: review and prospects
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-20 18:01:24

    At the beginning of 2024, Ukraine expects a harvest of about 21 million tons of wheat, about 5 million tons of barley, and 4 million tons of rapeseed, which is higher than the average for the last decade. This was reported by at. Minister of Agricultural Policy Taras Vysotskyi during the telethon broadcast by ProAgro Group, with reference to UNN.

    He noted that this year weather conditions contributed to the early ripening of crops and harvesting two to three weeks earlier than the average statistical term. It is noted that the main winter crops - wheat, barley and rapeseed - demonstrate stable indicators in cultivation.

    According to the minister, the domestic consumption of wheat in Ukraine is about 6 million tons. The rest of the grain products will be destined for export. He emphasized that regardless of the final volume of the harvest, domestic consumption will be fully ensured, and the surplus will be exported.

    Ukrainian wheat and other grain products have stable popularity on international markets. An increase in the harvest can contribute to an increase in exports, which in turn will affect the overall economic outlook of the country's agricultural sector.

    Vysotskyi also emphasized the importance of a balanced approach to the management of cultivated areas and the use of modern agricultural technologies to increase the yield and quality of grain crops. He is sure that the increase in grain production in 2024 will be an additional incentive for the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

    In general, the forecasted volumes of the harvest of wheat and other crops testify to the powerful potential of Ukrainian agricultural products on the international market, which will contribute to strengthening the country's economy and maintaining its stability.


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