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  • The corn harvest in Ukraine in the new 2024/25 season may decrease
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-14 15:05:45

    USDA analysts predict that the corn harvest in Ukraine in the new 2024/25 season may decrease. According to their data, the harvest is expected at the level of 27 million tons, which is 4 million less than in the previous season. Exports are also forecast to fall to 24 million tonnes, down 2 million from last season, and ending stocks are forecast to fall to 1.48 million tonnes, down 1.43 million tonnes.

    World maize production is also forecast at 1,219.93 million tonnes in the 2024/25 season, slightly lower than the previous season. World corn exports are forecast at 191.1 million tons, down 6.28 million tons, and ending stocks are forecast at 312.27 million tons, down 0.8 million tons.

    The analysis shows that US corn production will also decline to 377.4 million tonnes, down 12.23 million from the previous season. Exports were forecast at 55.88 million tonnes, up 1.27 million tonnes, and ending stocks at 53.39 million tonnes, up 2.03 million tonnes.

    The Ukrainian Grain Association has already announced that in 2024 the harvest of grain and oil crops in the country will decrease to 76.1 million tons. This is caused by a reduction in the area sown under grain crops due to unfavorable price conditions on the world market and relatively expensive export logistics.

    It is predicted that exports in the new season of 2024/2025 may amount to about 43.7 million tons. For comparison, in the current season, according to UZA estimates, the export of grain and oilseeds may reach 53.1 million tons.

    The Ministry of Agrarian Policy predicts that the gross production of grain and oil crops will be about 74 million tons. This is 10% less than in 2023, when production was 82 million tons.

    It is predicted that this year, farmers will be able to collect grain crops in the following volumes: wheat – 19.2 million tons, barley – 4.9 million tons, and corn – 26.7 million tons. Among the oilseeds, an increase in the volume of soybeans, sunflowers and rapeseed is predicted.


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