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  • Cabbage prices have risen: rise in price of borscht and other market trends
    Опубликовано: 2024-03-01 12:01:44

    According to EastFruit analysts, prices for white cabbage in Ukraine are on the rise due to strong demand for this vegetable. Ukrainian farmers are already forced to increase the price of cabbage, offering it for UAH 8-12 per kilogram.

    Representatives of wholesale companies point to a shortage of cabbage on the market, which has led to a steady high level of buyer activity and price increases. The price of cabbage increased by an average of 26% compared to the previous week.

    Experts attribute the positive price trend mainly to seasonal factors and a decrease in the supply of substandard cabbage. Even after the price increase compared to last year, cabbage remains more affordable, up 33% over the past year.

    However, experts warn of possible further price increases due to the reduction of quality cabbage stocks in storage. The upward trend in prices is also observed in the beetroot market, while carrot prices are falling due to the active sale of stocks from storage facilities.

    However, positive trends have emerged in the market: for the first time since the beginning of 2024, prices for onions have declined. After a sharp rise, prices for potatoes also began to decline, with quality products selling for UAH 14-20 per kilogram.


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