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  • Price changes for fruit in Ukraine: what has changed in February
    Опубликовано: 2024-02-28 17:09:11

    Ukraine is witnessing changes in fruit prices, with prices for oranges, bananas, and tangerines being particularly active. This data is provided by the Khvylya publication.

    According to the data obtained in February, the average price of oranges increased from 73.67 UAH/kg to 97 UAH/kg. Oranges from Egypt fell from 53.65 UAH/kg to 40.56 UAH/kg. As for premium oranges, their price decreased from 74.60 UAH/kg to 64.95 UAH/kg.

    Bananas became more expensive, rising from an average of 63.66 UAH/kg to 67.68 UAH/kg.

    Prices for tangerines have undergone some changes, but the differences are not so significant. They dropped from 59.59 UAH/kg to 56.17 UAH/kg. Tangerines from Morocco went up from 142.85 UAH/kg to 149.00 UAH/kg. It is also worth noting that kino is currently sold for 39.90 UAH/kg, and clementine for 74.90 UAH/kg.

    Fruit prices can significantly affect the daily diet of citizens, given their popularity and importance for a healthy diet. Such fluctuations can occur depending on a number of factors, including growing conditions, seasonality, and transportation costs.

    Observing price trends in the fruit market is important for consumers and market participants, as it allows them to determine the best time to buy and consume different products. Such data can be useful for both buyers and retailers, helping them to plan their product mix and pricing.


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