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  • Forecast of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy: Harvest 46 million tons of grain
    Опубликовано: 2023-06-29 18:01:43

    This year, Ukrainian farmers will harvest approximately 46 million tons of grain. This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy Taras Vysotsky during the telethon "United News", ProAgro Group reports, citing the Ministry's information.

    According to him, active harvesting will begin in July throughout the country.

    "Approximately 46 million tons of grain will be harvested. This is 10-15% less than last year. However, domestic grain consumption in Ukraine is 18 million tons. Therefore, there is no reason to talk about a shortage of grain for the domestic needs of Ukrainians," emphasized Taras Vysotskyi.

    Regarding the prices for the export of newly harvested grain, the First Deputy Minister noted that it is too early to draw conclusions, the final price will be known closer to the fall.

    "Currently, export prices for grain have decreased. However, I hope that as we approach September, the prices for agricultural exports will be close to the previous year's figures," said Taras Vysotskyi.

    In general, this year's grain harvest in Ukraine is expected to be lower compared to the previous year, but due to the sufficient volume for domestic consumption, the country will be able to meet the needs of its citizens in grain products.



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