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  • 60 thousand hectares of spring crops sown: farmers are actively working in the fields
    Опубликовано: 2024-03-18 17:03:33

    According to the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Food of Ukraine, Ukrainian farmers have successfully sown another 60 thousand hectares of spring crops over the past week, increasing the total area under crops to 128 thousand hectares.

    In particular, during this period, spring crops were sown in fifteen regions of Ukraine. So far, more than 128 thousand hectares of grain and legumes have been sown. This includes 12.9 thou hectares of wheat, 69.6 thou hectares of barley, 41.5 thou hectares of peas and 3.7 thou hectares of oats.

    The leaders in terms of planted areas are Odesa region, where 43 thousand hectares have already been sown, Mykolaiv region with 32.1 thousand hectares, and Ternopil region with 14 thousand hectares.

    The prevalence of spring crops is also observed in Dnipropetrovska oblast (8.89 thou hectares), Vinnytsia oblast (7.1 thou hectares) and Khmelnytska oblast (4.0 thou hectares).

    The sowing process is also underway in other regions of the country, where farmers are focusing on preparing and growing crops. This is an important stage for ensuring food supply and stability in the country's agricultural markets.


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