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  • Potatoes in Ukraine rise in price by 20% in a week
    Опубликовано: 2023-12-04 13:03:13

    The cost of potatoes in Ukraine is growing rapidly, reaching 10-14 UAH/kg only during the current week. This is another step in the rise in food prices, according to EastFruit analysts.

    Market experts attribute this growth to the demand of wholesale companies and retail chains, which continue to buy potatoes for long-term storage. Over the past week, potato prices have increased by an average of 20%, reaching 10-14 UAH/kg.

    Analysts note that producers are in high demand and benefit from higher prices, and also point to limited supply from small farms due to deteriorating weather conditions.

    Compared to the same period last year, potato prices are already 2 times higher. Analysts emphasize that the price increase has not led to a decrease in demand, which may lead to further price increases next week.

    Predicting the development of events, experts believe that farmers may try to raise potato prices again, increasing economic pressure on consumers.

    While potato prices are rising rapidly, the Ukrainian market for beetroot is showing a downward trend. This borscht set vegetable is already below last year's level, sold by farmers for 5-8 UAH/kg, which is a certain vulnerability of the Ukrainian vegetable market.


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