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  • Agricultural exports in November: Slowdown due to weather and technical obstacles
    Опубликовано: 2023-12-01 18:04:56

    Ukrainian agricultural exports by road transport remain in the spotlight, but the 9% decrease in November compared to October indicates new challenges for the industry. According to Spike Brokers, the volume of export shipments decreased to 425,000 tons, compared to 468,000 tons in October and 459,000 tons in September. Difficult weather conditions and technical barriers on the border with Poland caused this decrease.

    The average daily indicator of the passage of agricultural products across the border in November was 15.7 thousand tons, which is 9.2% less than in October (17.3 thousand tons). The biggest decrease occurred in transportation by road transport, especially through customs points with Poland.

    The passage of cars across the border with Poland has already dropped to less than 3,000 tons of cargo per day, which is an important indicator compared to last week and the peak values a month ago.

    Analysts note that despite this, the crossing of cars across other borders remains stable. Difficult weather conditions and constant demand for road transport led to strengthening of freight rates on both domestic and international routes.

    Market rates for car transportation are distributed in different directions, which indicates trends in the price dynamics of the respective routes.

    Despite the increase in difficulties associated with the transportation of agricultural products, favorable trends in other directions and stable market conditions indicate the possibility of adaptation of the Ukrainian agricultural sector to new challenges.


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