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  • Prices for Ukrainian corn in ports: continued demand and slowdown in growth
    Опубликовано: 2023-11-17 14:05:20

    Prices for Ukrainian corn in ports were marked by a slowdown in growth, retreating again after the previous impressive growth, according to analysts at Barva Invest.

    Here are the latest price indicators on the market:

    December contract for corn in Chicago - $4.70/b (-0.07/b);
    March corn contract on Euronext - €207.25/t (-1 €/t);
    DAP-Rort Danube - $142-152/t;
    DAP-Deepwater Ports - $133-142/t.
    Despite this slowdown, there is still active demand from some buyers in ports.

    Analyzing the wheat market, it is worth noting the further decline in its quotations on the Chicago Board of Trade. This was due to the absence of new support factors and concerns about the prospects for demand for U.S. wheat.

    Wheat prices on the market are as follows:

    December contract for wheat in Chicago - $5.60/b (-0.11 $/b);
    December wheat contract on Euronext - €228.25/t (-3.5 €/t);
    DAP-Port Danube (11.5%) - $165/t;
    DAP-Deepwater Ports (11.5%) - $150-165/t.
    The analysts pointed out that the prices for Ukrainian wheat remain stable amid the complicated situation on the world markets.


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