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  • Record harvest: US farmers have threshed more than 45% of the area under corn
    Опубликовано: 2023-10-18 17:03:41

    Farmers in the United States continue to show impressive results this season. As of October 15, they have threshed over 45% of the total area under corn. This impressive data was published in the latest report of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) experts.

    In just one week, an additional 11% of the area was threshed.

    Let's compare these impressive figures with Ukraine, where corn has been harvested from only 22% of the area. The difference in harvesting rates is significant, and it shows the high productivity of American farmers.

    Soybean harvesting in the US has also made significant progress, with 62% of the crop already threshed. Within just a week, soybean harvesting was carried out on almost 20% of the area, which indicates a fast and efficient harvest.

    The United States continues to dig sugar beets, covering 50% of the area, and thresh sunflowers, covering 12%.

    Winter wheat sowing is also ongoing, with 68% of the area planted as forecast. Winter wheat sprouted on 39% of the total area.

    Experts also paid attention to the state of topsoil moisture.  However, on 30% of the areas and 17% of the fields, the moisture remains practically absent, which may affect the yields.


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