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  • Pork market before the New Year holidays: Trends and challenges
    Опубликовано: 2023-12-05 12:01:19

    For the second week in a row, average prices for live pork have been declining in Ukraine. According to the weekly monitoring, analysts of the Pig Producers of Ukraine Association do not expect a sharp rise in market demand, but believe that prices will return to the previous level in the first decade of December and before the New Year holidays.

    Last week, prices for live lead for slaughter mainly ranged from 65-68 UAH/kg. Average prices decreased by 5% to 66.1 UAH/kg compared to the previous week, according to the EBA monitoring results.

    Feedback from representatives of the meat processing industry regarding sales is mixed. Some suppliers report even trade with no significant stocks, while others complain about reduced demand from deep meat processing. Analysts emphasize that the decrease in the supply of imported raw materials in late fall has effectively neutralized the external impact on purchase prices.

    At the moment, every second pig farm in Ukraine is facing a shortage of personnel. A survey among the members of the Pig Farmers of Ukraine Association revealed that 26% are experiencing a shortage of key personnel (technologists, veterinarians, operators, production site managers), and the same number complain about the lack of support staff.

    According to Iryna Korolova, Communications Manager of the Pig Farmers of Ukraine Association, the main reason for the staff shortage is the mobilization of workers. More than a quarter of respondents also believe that the lack of skilled workers in the labor market is a significant factor.

    Analysts warn that although the pork market is currently experiencing some fluctuations, the main attention should be paid to the issue of staffing, which can affect the stability and development of the industry.


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