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  • Unique apple varieties created in Vinnytsia region
    Опубликовано: 2023-08-22 18:05:44

    In the Vinnytsia region, the Martynivske Pole farm has come up with a unique way to make apples special. These fruits have been labeled with the words "Armed Forces of Ukraine" and "F-16" and are ready for sale and charity. Let's take a look at how they did it.

    The drawings on the apples were created using special stencils that are applied to the fruit when it is ripe. This process requires manual work, but it allows us to maintain the clarity of the picture and prevent the peel from staining under the sticker.

    Among the drawings are the symbols of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the F-16 - military aircraft, which have become symbols of Ukraine's defense capabilities. These designs have a symbolic meaning and will be used for charity and treats.

    The apples with pictures have been popular with customers for five years. Despite their higher price compared to regular apples, customers are willing to stand in line for these unique fruits.

    Red-sided varieties, such as Honeycrisp, Champion, or Ligol, are ideal for apple painting. They give the designs a more expressive look and make these fruits even more attractive to consumers.

    The uniqueness and symbolism of the apples with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and F-16 designs make them not only delicious fruits, but also a source of support for many. "Martynivske Pole has created not only a delicious product, but also an opportunity to join a charitable cause and express support for important symbols.


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