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  • Legislative relief for craft spirits producers: what will change for small brewers and winemakers
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-24 18:02:37

    The Ukrainian Parliament adopted draft law No. 10346, which provides for important relaxations for craft alcoholic beverage producers. According to the new law, which was commented on Facebook by Ivan Marchuk, the head of the subcommittee on the interaction of the state and business and investments of the Committee on Economic Development of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, this is the first significant update of the legislation in more than 30 years, aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of small producers .

    One of the key provisions of the new law is the simplification of conditions for small brewers. Now they can produce up to 1 million liters of products, comply only with a declaration of the material and technical base, instead of a complex and costly certification. This will greatly simplify licensing procedures and improve conditions for production.

    In addition, the law unifies the processes for all small producers, enshrining in the law such standards as obtaining an electronic license within 10 days and submitting an annual report on production volumes and product circulation only once a year. Fines for violation of reporting deadlines have been significantly reduced — up to 10 times — which will help manufacturers comply with legal requirements.

    Ivan Marchuk also announced future changes aimed at further easing conditions for craft producers. It is planned to consider the possibility of granting small winemakers the right to produce semi-sparkling "petnat" wines within the framework of existing licensing restrictions.

    New legislative initiatives are aimed at stimulating the development of small breweries, wineries, distilleries and mead breweries in Ukraine, creating favorable conditions for their competitiveness in the markets. This is a step to support small entrepreneurship in the field of alcohol production, which opens up new opportunities for craft producers in the country.


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