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  • Shortage of food wheat in Ukraine: bakery enterprises on the brink
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-28 13:04:47

    Recently, there has been a significant shortage of food wheat in Ukraine, which affects the production of bread.

    Andriy Tabalov, the chairman of the supervisory board of PJSC Cherkassy Hlibokombinat, announced this, reports AgroPortal.ua.

    According to Tabalov, prices for food wheat on the domestic market have increased significantly compared to last year. "There is a critical lack of food grain. We have survived for several months, but we need to hold out for a few more months until the new harvest. There is not enough food grain, and it is much more expensive than last year," he emphasized.

    Tabalov expressed hope for a new wheat crop, which should be harvested in the near future. This, according to him, can solve the problem of shortage of food grain for bakery enterprises.

    Despite the difficult situation with raw materials, PJSC "Cherkasky Hlibokombinat" plans to invest more than $4 million in its production facilities this year. "Three powerful enterprises of our company operate in Cherkasy region - a dairy plant, a bread factory and Cherkasy Bread Factory, which is one of the best in Ukraine," Tabalov said. He added that thanks to the support of the local authorities, the company has the opportunity to provide high-quality raw materials for production.

    The food wheat market remains tense and businesses face constant challenges. However, thanks to investment and support at the local level, there is hope that bread production will stabilize after the new harvest.


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