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  • Prices for Ukrainian sunflower have increased: activation of processors and deficit in Bulgaria
    Опубликовано: 2024-04-15 16:04:14

    Prices for Ukrainian sunflower continue to rise, according to analysts at Spike Brokers, noting the strengthening of prices by $10-20 per ton compared to the previous week. This was the result of the intensification of sunflower crushers.

    According to analysts, Bulgarian sunflower crushing plants are experiencing a significant shortage of raw materials in the off-season. This may lead to the possible closure of some companies before the new harvest.

    The new sunflower prices are as follows:

    DAP Ukraine (regions) approximately 340-360 dollars;
    DAP Bulgaria (center) between USD 420 and 440;
    DAP Turkey (north) approximately 410-420 dollars;
    CIF Bulgaria (port) in the range of $410-420;
    CIF Romania (port) ranges from 410 to 415 dollars.
    Meanwhile, corn prices have undergone a slight correction compared to the previous week. Although rumors about the cancellation of purchases of Ukrainian corn by China were not confirmed by market participants, exporters continue to buy corn confidently.

    The latest corn prices are as follows:

    DAP Ukraine (Odesa) between 152 and 155 dollars;
    FCA Ukraine (border) in the range of 143 to 146 euros;
    DAP Italy (north) ranges between 196 and 198 euros;
    FOB Ukraine (port) between $170 and $174;
    CIF Turkey (port) between $194 and $196;
    CIF Italy (port) in the range of $203-205.


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