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  • IMC harvests corn with a record yield of 12.4 tons per hectare
    Опубликовано: 2024-02-07 18:04:57

    At the beginning of February, the corn harvesting on the fields of the Industrial Milk Complex was completed. A total of 574 thousand tons of corn was harvested on an area of 46.3 thousand hectares. This was reported by the company's press service.

    The average yield of this crop was a record 12.4 tons per hectare, which exceeds the previous record set in 2018 by 1.3 tons per hectare.

    IMC Chief Operating Officer Oleksandr Verzhykhovsky shared his impressions of the past harvest: "The 2023 harvesting campaign was not easy, mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions in the fall, which caused delays in harvesting. Additionally, the constant shelling by Russian forces in the border regions of Sumy and Chernihiv was a complication. There was also a shortage of labor. However, despite all the difficulties, we managed to get a record corn yield. This became possible due to the combination of hard work of our team, highly efficient technologies and favorable weather conditions during the growing season."

    IMC continues to improve its methods and use advanced approaches to improve the quality and efficiency of its agricultural operations.

    The record corn yield will be an important factor in the development of Ukrainian agriculture and will contribute to the country's economic growth.


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