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  • Secret free services of Ukrzaliznytsia that make traveling more comfortable
    Опубликовано: 2023-12-06 19:17:50

    Secret free services of Ukrzaliznytsia that make traveling more comfortable

    Many passengers do not realize that in addition to the ticket price, Ukrzaliznytsia offers free services that make travel even more pleasant and comfortable.

    The "Visit Ukraine" portal provides detailed information about these unknown opportunities for passengers, which often go unnoticed.

    Toilets and food

    Even after purchasing a regular ticket, the passenger has the right to use the toilets at railway stations and stations for free. In addition, everyone can ask the conductor for free boiling water or use the refrigerator and microwave oven in the compartment.

    Health care

    In case of need for medicines, the passenger can get access to the free first-aid kit located in the conductor's compartment. In addition, those with a fear of heights can get special seat belts at no extra charge.

    Important rules

    Clause 63 of the Procedure for the Service of Citizens by Railway Transport entitles passengers not to fold bed linen, and the conductor must do so 30 minutes before arriving at the destination.

    Return back

    If the passenger missed his stop, he has the opportunity to return for free. This is provided by the rules, and to get this opportunity, you should contact the train conductor and present your ticket.

    Comfort under control

    If the air conditioner in the compartment does not work, the passenger can transfer to another car with a working air conditioner without paying extra.

    Insurance is included

    It is equally important that the price of the ticket includes the services of the insurance company. In the event of an injury, the passenger has the right to compensation by keeping the ticket and issuing an accident report. Thus, every trip becomes not only economical, but also reliable.


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