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  • Tomato prices in Ukraine have dropped sharply
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-24 13:03:49

    Ukrainian factories have reduced prices for tomatoes. Now this vegetable can be purchased for UAH 48-65/kg, which is 16% cheaper than at the end of last week.

    This is reported by analysts of the EastFruit project.

    Daily monitoring of the project shows that the mass sale of tomatoes from summer greenhouses caused a decrease in prices for the entire territory of the country.

    "Attempts of local greenhouse farms to maintain the former level of prices led to a slowdown in sales, so they were forced to lower prices," analysts note.

    Currently, large greenhouse plants are ready to sell tomatoes for 48-65 hryvnias/kg, which is on average 16% lower than last week.

    Experts explain this phenomenon as traditional for the season, as tomatoes from summer greenhouses arrive on the market en masse in the second half of June.

    However, according to analysts, in the same period last year, greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine were sold at an average of 18% more expensive, although the price of local tomatoes decreased more significantly than now.


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