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  • There is an increase in prices for canned fish in Ukraine
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-19 13:05:36

    In Ukraine, there is an increase in the prices of canned fish, which are becoming popular among the population both for daily consumption and for stocks. These dynamic changes in the price of canned goods were recorded in the summer of this year, the inkorr portal reports.

    For example, the average price of natural sardines is UAH 58.80 per can weighing 230 grams. However, the price can vary significantly in different store chains. For example, in Aushan these products are sold for UAH 49.90, while in the Novus network the price reaches UAH 64.99 for the same weight.

    Sardines in oil from the "Aquamarine" brand cost an average of UAH 73.15 per can weighing 150 grams. In Mega Market, these products are sold for UAH 69.80, and in Ashan, the price is UAH 76.50 for the same quantity.

    In addition to canned fish, Ukrainians also prefer zucchini caviar. Over the past month, its prices have risen and now amount to UAH 67.99 per 440-gram can, which is a significant increase compared to the previous price of UAH 59.28. You will have to pay UAH 58.90 for caviar weighing 460 grams.

    Such an increase in prices for canned products is a consequence of internal and external factors affecting the country's economy. Changes in the price of products show the instability of market conditions and may affect the consumption habits of Ukrainians in the future.

    In general, the market for canned goods in Ukraine remains dynamic, and consumers should carefully monitor changes in product prices in order to manage their costs and choose optimal purchase options.


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