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  • Changes in prices for meat in supermarkets: Pork becomes more expensive, chicken becomes cheaper
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-11 13:02:30

    In May, Ukrainian consumers faced changes in prices for meat in supermarkets. In particular, the price of pork rose significantly, while the prices of chicken decreased. These changes were recorded as a result of monthly monitoring conducted by the analytical department of the "Swine Pigs of Ukraine" Association.

    According to the Association's data, the dynamics of prices for the purchase of pork by live weight and its final sale have diverged significantly. If the prices of live pigs in May decreased by 4.9% compared to April, then chilled pork semi-finished products, on the contrary, rose in price by 2.5%.

    The prices of pork necks and thighs, which are popular during the picnic season, have increased the most. They rose in price by 5.8% and 5.3%, respectively. In addition, other parts of pork, such as loin, tenderloin and brisket, also increased in price by 2-2.6%.

    Experts explain that the increase in prices was influenced by less activity of buyers and the weakening of trade after the Easter holidays. These factors have led to changes in consumer behavior and have affected the meat market accordingly.

    Unlike pork, chicken became cheaper in May. The average price of chilled chicken semi-finished products decreased by 0.7%, which is approximately equal to UAH 1/kg. This trend is positive for consumers who choose chicken as an alternative to more expensive pork.

    Despite the multidirectional changes in meat prices, analysts of the Association "Swine Farmers of Ukraine" note that at the end of spring, the dynamics of prices became more consistent. This contributed to stable consumption of pork, which is a positive signal for the market.

    Thus, consumers should be prepared for changes in supermarket meat prices as the market continues to adapt to external and internal factors. At the same time, the availability of chicken can be an advantage for many buyers during a period of rising pork prices.


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