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  • Grain market in Ukraine: analysis of price changes for the week
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-21 15:07:11

    From May 8 to May 14, AgroMarket UUB presented the latest data on the dynamics of grain prices on the Ukrainian Universal Exchange.

    Last week, there was a significant increase in prices for wheat, corn and sunflower, while soybean prices remained almost unchanged.

    According to UUL analysts, corn prices continued to strengthen amid rising wheat prices and limited supply. This is due to the seasonal decline in stocks and restraint of grain sales by farmers. The milling and feed wheat market also reacted to export and global trends, including the negative impact of frost in exporting countries, prolonged dryness in the Black Sea region, and harvest problems in Europe, which led to speculative price increases.

    According to AgroMarket UUB, as of May 14, the price indicators are as follows:

    Corn - 5 510.46 UAH/t (+1.63%);
    Grade 2 wheat - 6 836.68 UAH/t (-0.03%);
    Class 3 wheat - 6 139.95 UAH/t (+0.41%);
    Class 4 wheat - 5 439.86 UAH/t (+0.46%);
    Soybeans - 17 394,81 UAH/t (+0.24%).

    Corn futures reached a three-month high due to positive data from the May USDA WASDE report and optimistic export potential of the United States. The international wheat market saw a sharp rise in prices due to an additional premium for the risk of grain shortages amid negative weather conditions around the world. As for the soybean market, prices jumped significantly at the beginning of the week, although some of this increase was adjusted before the report was published.

    To get a detailed overview of the market price indicators, visit the free chatbot for buying and selling agricultural products in Telegram - AgroMarket UUB, select the "Analytics" section after "share number".


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