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  • In Ukraine, prices for greenhouse cucumbers have fallen sharply
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-17 12:08:04

    The middle of May brought a significant decrease in prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine. Compared to the end of last week, domestic greenhouse farms are forced to sell their products 28% cheaper. This was reported by EastFruit analysts.

    The reason for this decrease in price is the seasonal increase in the supply of cucumbers combined with low demand. Currently, factories sell cucumbers at a price from 20 to 60 hryvnias per kilogram (0.51-1.52 dollars). This is significantly lower than expected given previous years.

    Market operators note that the volumes of cucumbers sampled in greenhouses remain stable and sufficient, which has led to a significant increase in market supply. At the same time, the demand for cucumbers decreased significantly compared to last week. Because of this, sellers are forced to lower prices in order to avoid the accumulation of unsold products.

    It is worth noting that current prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine are on average 57% lower than in mid-May 2023. This indicates a serious change in the dynamics of the market and affects the profitability of producers. Continuation of such trends may lead to even greater price reduction of products in the coming weeks.

    Cucumber producers hope for stabilization of the market, but for now they are forced to adapt to new conditions. The decrease in cucumber prices has a positive effect on consumers, who can purchase this product at significantly lower prices. However, for manufacturers, this means the need to find new solutions to ensure the profitability of their business.

    Further development of the situation on the cucumber market in Ukraine will depend on several factors, including weather conditions, demand dynamics and possible changes in production. It remains unclear how long the downward trend in prices will last, but it is already clear that manufacturers are facing serious challenges.

    Thus, the decrease in prices for greenhouse cucumbers has become one of the key events in the Ukrainian market of agricultural products this season, and it will be important to monitor the development of the situation in the future.


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