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  • Financial support: Kherson farmers have a chance to get $3000 to restore their farms
    Опубликовано: 2023-11-24 17:10:58

    A new opportunity for local farmers to restore their agricultural activities is opening up in the Kherson region with grants of $3000. This was reported by the Kherson Regional State Administration.

    The international organization Mercy Corps is implementing this program as part of the Ukrainian Agriculture Support Program, which is funded by the Howard Buffett Foundation. The grants are provided to local residents who have been affected by military events or forced to leave their homes.

    Each grant is worth $3,000 and is intended to restore and modernize agricultural businesses. This initiative is aimed at supporting local families who have lost the opportunity to engage in agriculture due to conflict-related circumstances.

    In addition to financial assistance, the program provides farmers with the necessary resources and knowledge to restore their agricultural businesses. This could prove to be an important step in restoring economic prosperity in the affected regions and creating a sustainable agricultural base in the area.

    The initiative also emphasizes the role of international partners in restoring and supporting rural development in times of challenge and crisis. This program is a vivid example of how joint efforts can contribute to the recovery of the regional economy and provide stability for the local population.


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