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  • System for identifying the origin of Russian grain: development of Ukraine, Lithuania and Great Britain
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-14 13:05:04

    Ukraine, Lithuania and Great Britain have joined forces to develop a new system that will allow determining the origin of grain that Russia supplies to world markets. This will become an important tool for preventing the illegal export of stolen Ukrainian grain.

    The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine announced the beginning of the development of a system of chemical analysis of grain in Great Britain. Lithuania has already expressed its readiness to use this system to prevent transshipment of stolen Ukrainian grain through its ports. Lithuania will be the first country to join this initiative and implement it in practice.

    "We started this project two years ago and now we have almost completed the development of the methodology. I thank Lithuania for being the first to join this scheme and being ready to implement it. This is an extremely important step for Ukraine," said Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Markiyan Dmytrasevich.

    During the online meeting, representatives of Ukraine, Lithuania and Great Britain discussed the technical aspects of the functioning of the system for determining the origin of grain and the mechanisms of its implementation. The next tripartite meeting is scheduled for July, where details and stages of project implementation will be clarified.

    Last year, five Russian vessels involved in the transportation of looted Ukrainian grain through the occupied Crimea were arrested in Ukraine. Violators used Crimea as a logistics hub to transport stolen grain to third countries, which became part of a complex criminal scheme.

    The introduction of a system of chemical analysis of grain will be a significant step in the fight against the illegal export of Ukrainian grain and will help prevent the further use of Ukrainian resources for selfish purposes. The efforts of Ukraine, Lithuania and Great Britain testify to their determination to protect Ukrainian agriculture and international trade from illegal actions.

    The cooperation of these three countries in the development and implementation of a new system for determining the origin of grain will be an important tool for ensuring transparency and legality in the agricultural sector, and will also help Ukraine protect its interests on the world market.


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