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  • Strategic map of agro-industry of Ukraine until 2030 and prospects for its accession to the EU
    Опубликовано: 2024-06-14 18:11:28

    Strategic map of agro-industry of Ukraine until 2030 and prospects for its accession to the EU

    Ukraine, which has great potential in the field of agricultural products, is charting its way to integration with the European Union. The strategy for the development of the agricultural sector until 2030, approved by the authorities, is a key step in this direction. According to the data of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, this plan provides for a number of measures to stimulate the growth of production, increase the quality of products and guarantee the safety of food resources.

    One of the main aspects of the strategy is the implementation of modern technologies in agriculture. This includes the use of modern irrigation systems, agrochemicals and genetically modified organisms. The implementation of these innovations will help to increase productivity and production efficiency, which is the key to competitiveness in the world market.

    Another important component of the strategy is to increase the export of agricultural products. According to the analysis of export data, Ukraine is already one of the largest producers and exporters of grain crops in the world. However, the development of other sectors, such as meat, milk and vegetables, remains an important task for diversifying the export portfolio and increasing income from agriculture.

    The measures envisaged by the strategy are also aimed at improving the living conditions of the rural population. This includes developing infrastructure in rural areas, improving access to education and health services, and creating new jobs in agriculture and related industries.

    It is expected that the successful implementation of the agricultural sector development strategy will become a key argument in the negotiations with the European Union regarding Ukraine's accession to this union. Further convergence with European food quality and safety standards, as well as cooperation in the field of rural development, may become key factors in the economic and political basis for joining the EU.



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