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  • Frost rages in Ukrainian orchards: apple harvest losses are increasing
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-20 17:09:33

    Frost rages in Ukrainian orchards: apple harvest losses are increasing

    This spring's frosts really had a negative impact on the apple harvest in Ukraine, according to experts. According to estimates, losses can be from 30% to 40%. Such a poor forecast has led to serious discussions in the country's horticultural sector.

    Professional agronomists and weather experts warn that frosts occurred at key stages of apple tree development, especially during flowering and fruit formation. This has resulted in damage to even those varieties that are generally considered cold-resistant.

    Not only low temperatures caused problems for gardeners. It is also important to consider that the frosts occurred after a mild and warm period of spring, when many plants started active growth. This created additional stress for the plants and increased their vulnerability.

    The consequences of these crop losses can be felt by both small and large gardeners. Small businesses may lose all seasonal income, which will significantly affect their financial condition. At the same time, large farms can lose millions of hryvnias due to lack of harvest.

    Government bodies and gardeners' associations are already actively discussing possible support measures for the industry. In particular, ideas are being considered for providing financial assistance to small and medium-sized gardeners, as well as implementing crop insurance programs to reduce risk in the future.

    Despite the negative consequences of frost, experts emphasize the importance of smart planning and risk management for gardeners. After all, climate change can lead to similar unforeseen situations in the future, and being prepared for them can save the harvest and the financial condition of the industry.


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