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  • Memorandum between Ukrainian and European dairy producers: a new page in cooperation
    Опубликовано: 2024-05-13 16:07:43

    The Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine and the European Dairy Association officially cemented their cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding. According to the announcement of ProAgro Group, this event is considered an important step in creating conditions for fair and transparent competition in the industry.

    During the press conference held after the signing of the memorandum, the first deputy minister of agricultural policy noted that this step will contribute to the development of the dairy industry and accelerate the process of Ukraine's integration into the European Union.

    "If the Ukrainian and European dairy sectors reach an agreement on cooperation, it will help speed up Ukraine's path to joining the EU. Therefore, it is important to create equal conditions for Ukrainian producers and provide them with support similar to the one that exists in the EU," said Taras Vysotskyi.

    He also reminded that the government recently expanded support for animal husbandry, in particular dairy producers, under the "5-7-9% Available Loans" program. Now farmers can get loans in the amount of up to 150 million hryvnias, which will contribute to the development of economically efficient dairy production.

    This memorandum opens up new opportunities for cooperation between Ukrainian and European dairy producers, which will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Ukrainian dairy sector on the international market.


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