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  • Development of food security in Ukraine: key challenges and strategic solutions
    Опубликовано: 2024-02-28 17:23:42

    Development of food security in Ukraine: key challenges and strategic solutions

    Ukraine, as a modern state, faces the important task of ensuring national food security. One of the key documents defining the strategy for the development of agriculture and food security is the Food Security Strategy of Ukraine. Developed on the basis of an analysis of internal and external factors, it determines the main areas of activity and mechanisms for achieving the set goals.

    One of the challenges facing Ukraine is ensuring the resilience of agro-industrial production to climate change. A decrease in precipitation and changes in temperature can negatively affect crop yields, which threatens the country's food security. In this context, the strategy envisages the introduction of modern technologies and agricultural techniques aimed at increasing the resistance of crops to negative climatic phenomena.

    Another important aspect is infrastructure development and support of small and medium-sized agriculture. Ensuring access to sales markets, improving production efficiency and supporting farms are important tasks in ensuring the country's food security.

    Also of great importance is the support of family farms and the development of rural tourism as an additional source of income for the rural population. This will increase the economic stability of rural areas and reduce migration pressure on cities.

    One of the main priorities of the strategy is also to improve the quality and safety of products. The introduction of modern standards of quality control and safety of food products will provide the population with safe and high-quality products.

    In general, the Food Security Strategy of Ukraine is an important document that defines the main directions for the development of agriculture and food security in the country. Its implementation and implementation will ensure sustainable development of the agricultural sector and increase the level of food security of the population.



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