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  • Polish Minister of Agriculture apologizes for the incident with Ukrainian grain at the border
    Опубликовано: 2024-02-14 13:10:20

    The Polish Minister of Agriculture has apologized for the incident with Ukrainian grain at the border and called for understanding of the farmers' difficult situation. This situation, which occurred on February 11, caused dissatisfaction and protests on the Ukrainian side. Minister Czeslaw Sekerski said that, in his opinion, the actions of Polish farmers who threw some grain out of Ukrainian trucks were not the right form of protest, but they reflected the desperation of farmers, especially before the spring field work, when there is no money to buy fertilizers and plant protection products.

    He also emphasized the importance of dialogue and direct conversations in solving complex problems. On behalf of the Polish farmers, he apologizes and apologizes for their extremely difficult situation. Technical negotiations are currently underway with the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine to limit the supply of goods that could disrupt the stability of agri-food markets.

    Sekerski also expressed understanding for the reaction of Ukrainian politicians, but called their reaction "too harsh". He noted that trade goes both ways, and Poland also exports to Ukraine. According to the minister, Polish farmers want to help Ukraine, but they would like the Ukrainian budget and farmers to benefit from this assistance, not oligarchs.

    He also emphasizes that the solution to these issues lies not only at the level of Polish-Ukrainian relations, but also in the sphere of the European Commission, which is responsible for the organization and rules of trade in the European market.


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