Ukraine's potential for biomethane production: new opportunities in the energy market

24 апр, 13:01

Oleksiy Chernyshov, head of Naftogaz Group, at the first Ukrainian forum on biomethane in Kyiv, expressed the opinion that Ukraine has significant potential in the production of this type of gas, which can reach more than 20 billion cubic meters per year, the company's website notes.

This potential opens the prospect for Ukraine to become an important player on the European energy market, Chernyshov added.

Ukraine already fully meets its natural gas needs, but biomethane can become not only an alternative source of energy, but also an important element of the country's export potential.

"Naftogaz" plans to be actively involved in the development of the biomethane sector, to use its systems for gas transportation and storage, as well as to purchase the produced biomethane.

"We are also ready to use and provide our gas transportation and storage systems. And, of course, Naftogaz declares its ambition to purchase the amount of biomethane that can be produced in Ukraine today," Chernyshov emphasized.

Naftogaz believes that Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Poltava, and Cherkasy regions are the most promising for the biogas industry, where effective biomethane production projects can be implemented.

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