Potatoes on the balcony: why experts advise against it

23 апр, 13:03

Many Ukrainians are accustomed to storing potatoes on their balconies, hoping to take advantage of the convenience and save money. However, experts in the potato industry warn that this approach can lead to large losses, as the balcony is not an ideal place to store this product.

Vitaliy Shmygol, head of sales at Agro-Oven, explains that potato producers will sell varieties suitable for long-term storage immediately after harvest, as it is not a good idea to store potatoes on the balcony.

Ihor Chechitko, director of HZP Ukraine, emphasizes that the balcony does not meet two key conditions for proper potato storage. Firstly, it is too warm there, and secondly, direct sunlight negatively affects the product, causing it to turn green and become unfit for consumption.

The assistant to the director of HZP Ukraine reveals that buying several bags of potatoes for the fall to store on the balcony can lead to large losses, as some of the product will sprout quickly or spoil due to improper storage conditions.

According to Chechitko, the shelf life of potatoes depends on the length of the dormant period after which they begin to sprout. Choosing a variety with a short dormancy period will lead to rapid germination and loss of consumer properties of the product.

Therefore, experts advise against storing potatoes on the balcony, as this can lead to large losses and inconvenience with the subsequent throwing away of the product.

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