Mineral fertilizers are enough for everyone

20 фев, 17:55

Mineral fertilizers are enough for everyone

The rate of development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine is constantly increasing, which requires constant improvement of methods of growing plants. One of the key aspects is the use of mineral fertilizers, which help to increase soil productivity and product quality. The population is growing, the demand for food is increasing, and therefore it is very important to have enough fertilizer to meet these needs.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, it is predicted that in the 2024 season, Ukraine will have a sufficient supply of mineral fertilizers to meet the needs of agriculture. In recent years, the country has increased the production of mineral fertilizers and their import, which contributed to the stabilization of their prices on the domestic market.

The increase in the production of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine became possible due to the development of domestic enterprises engaged in their production, as well as due to the attraction of investments for the introduction of new technologies and improvement of product quality. Such measures make it possible to provide not only domestic, but also foreign markets with high-quality fertilizers.

The increase in the production of mineral fertilizers also contributes to the increase in the efficiency of Ukrainian agriculture. The use of modern fertilizers allows not only to increase the yield, but also to reduce the costs of cultivating the field. This allows farmers to get more produce for less, which is an important factor in a competitive world.

The Government of Ukraine continues to support the country's agricultural sector by implementing various programs and measures. This helps not only to provide agriculture with the necessary resources, but also contributes to its stable development and affects the improvement of the quality of life of the population.

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