The pet products market in Ukraine: Growth by 27% and exceeding previous figures

15 фев, 12:04

The Ukrainian pet market continues to show steady development, even in the face of a difficult situation after the start of the full-scale invasion. At the end of 2023, it showed an increase of 27% in hryvnia equivalent compared to the previous year, reaching UAH 35.7 billion, according to Suziria Group.

Animal feed accounts for the largest share of the Ukrainian market. Even with Russian aggression and logistical challenges, their production has shown positive dynamics. In 2022, it grew by 26%, and in 2023 - by 28%, to UAH 27.4 billion.

The rest of the market is made up of other products, such as pet clothing, grooming products, ammunition, and medicines. Their growth was also significant: by 16% in 2022 and by 26% in 2023, to UAH 8.3 billion.

It is expected that in 2024, society's attention to pet care will increase, and online sales of pet products will increase. The share of online sales increased to 11.2%, which is 10.2 points higher than in 2022.

Nevertheless, traditional sales channels, such as specialized and modern retail chains, remain key for buyers. The forecast for 2024 shows a minimum market growth of 15%, which indicates a stable and continuous development of the pet industry in Ukraine.

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