Drought-resistant melons have appeared in the USA

22 янв, 14:05

Scientists at the Texas A&M Center for Fruit and Vegetable Improvement, with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have announced the development of two new melon hybrids, Supermelon and Flavorific. These new varieties feature deeper root systems designed to combat drought by more efficiently extracting water from the soil. This is evidenced by the results of a study published on the ResearchGate platform.

The main goal of the breeding work was to combine traits that contribute to disease resistance and high yields, as well as to improve characteristics important for retailers and consumers' taste preferences. This was achieved by selecting healthy plants and strong root systems in conditions favorable for disease development.

The first feedback on the new melon hybrids is quite positive: the taste of melons is defined as sweet with dense flesh. These characteristics make them attractive to consumers and retailers, noting the successful results of the research.

This initiative is another important step forward in the development of drought-resistant crops, which is of great importance to the agricultural sector and oil producers in the face of climate change and growing demands for sustainable agricultural yields.

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