Honey and its impact on health: when it becomes dangerous for the body

09 янв, 18:04

The high glycemic index (GI) of honey makes it potentially dangerous to health, causing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. A nutritionist warns that regular consumption of more than three tablespoons of honey can harm the pancreas and affect the figure.

People who want to lose weight often believe that honey is a healthier option than sugar. But eating three tablespoons of honey or more daily can not only hinder weight loss, but also negatively affect your figure, a nutritionist warns in her blog.

The glycemic index of honey is 60 units, which leads to a sharp increase in blood glucose levels. This prompts the pancreas to secrete a lot of insulin, which prevents effective weight loss, the doctor notes.

In addition to its high GI, honey is also characterized by a large number of calories: 100 grams provide 304 kilocalories, and a tablespoon provides 64 kilocalories. This becomes another reason to limit the consumption of this product.

The doctor also emphasizes that honey can be harmful to children, especially those under the age of one. There is a risk of botulism infection, which can be dangerous for the baby's intestines that are not fully formed.

Additionally, the nutritionist advises against adding honey to hot drinks, tea or milk. When heated to more than 60 degrees, honey loses beneficial enzymes and vitamins, and can also form undesirable compounds for the body.

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