Development of the Agreement between Ukraine and Poland to unblock the border

05 дек, 19:32

Development of the Agreement between Ukraine and Poland to unblock the border

The Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland reached an important agreement on overcoming the crisis related to the blocking of the Polish-Ukrainian border. According to information from the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, both sides have approved a wide range of measures to ease the situation.

One of the key agreements is the opening of the "Ugryniv - Dolgobychuv" checkpoint for empty trucks, aimed at increasing the border's capacity and unloading other checkpoints. This will facilitate transportation and reduce the load on existing routes.

It was also agreed to create separate passes for empty vehicles at the checkpoints "Yagodin - Dorogusk" and "Krakivets - Korchova". This direction is aimed at effective management of flows and facilitation of border crossing.

In order to implement innovative solutions, the parties decided to launch a pilot project with registration in ACTION before crossing the border at the checkpoint "Nižankovychy - Malhovice". This will allow efficient management and acceleration of crossing processes, reducing waiting time.

It is noted that at the moment the issue of cancellation or changes to the "transport visa-free" is not considered and is not included in the discussion agenda. This is an important nuance that defines the scope of the agreement and helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Despite the Ukrainian-Polish agreements, the protesters in Poland demand that the Ugryniv - Dolgobychiv and Nizhankovychi - Malhovice checkpoints operate only for vehicles with EU registration. However, the Ministry of Community Development of Ukraine emphasized that such a position is unacceptable for Ukraine and the EU, as a discriminatory norm against other countries.

According to previous statements, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland has already turned to Ukraine with a constructive proposal to resolve the situation at the border, which indicates a mutual interest in resolving this issue.

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