How to Obtain a Work Permit for a Non-Resident in Ukraine; How to Obtain a Temporary Residence Card in Ukraine

26 окт, 04:00

Megaprime Group LLC is offering the following services:

- obtaining Work Permits for foreigners / non-residents in Ukraine, in Kiev, and Kiev oblast (Work Permit in Ukraine, Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine)

- company registration at Kiev City OVIR

- obtaining a Temporary Residence Card for a non-resident / foreigner that allows for visa-free entry to Ukraine (Temporary Residence Cards for foreigners in Ukraine)

- registering a LLC in Kiev, opening a company bank account (in Ukraine)

- providing a nominal director for a company

- accounting and tax reporting for companies with small number of monthly transactions

- obtaining Ukrainian Tax IDs for foreigners / non-residents

- legal support for buying/selling shares and companies, M&A due diligence

- registration of amendments in Statutory documents, registration of increase/decrease in shareholder capital

- conducting negotiations, searching for partners in Ukraine We work with documents in all world languages.

We communicate in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Contact Information:

Andrey + 38-050-441-7388 + 38-050-441-7388

Skype: andriy.khraban


ICQ: 390513874

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